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Here are some questions and answers regarding the Irish Government’s tax back scheme. If your question has not been answered please email office@stmarks.ie for further clarification.

Q. If I started working half way through this year, am I still eligible for the scheme?
A. Yes, as long as the person is a tax payer.

Q. How does it work as a self-employed person?
A. There is no difference now between a PAYE worker and a self employed person. Only the charity gets the tax relief

Q. Can I give my donations as a once off donation or does it need to be regular donation?
A. donation, or donations, must amount in aggregate to at least €250 in a tax year. Number of times is not important.

Q. I have donated to St. Marks in the past, but not through the envelope scheme, does that money still count?
A. Unless it was given in an envelope, we do not have records of the cash given. However, the donor can still prove his/her via transfer on the bank statement or list of cheques given.

Q. I can’t remember how much I have donated; can you send me an update?
A.Yes, as long as it was given via the envelope scheme or via bank transfer with name of donor.

Some further information regarding the tax back scheme:

For the purposes of tax relief under section 848A TCA 1997 on donations to an approved body–
(a) I must be resident in the State for each tax year in which I make a donation.

(b) A donation, or donations, must amount in aggregate to at least €250 in a tax year and be in the form of money and/or designated securities and that tax relief will not apply to the aggregate of my donations to an approved body or bodies in a tax year in excess of €1,000,000.

(c) Neither I, nor any person connected with me, can receive a benefit from the approved body in consequence of making a donation.

(d) A donation cannot be subject to a condition as to repayment nor can it be conditional on, or associated with, the acquisition of property by the approved body other than by way of gift, from me or a person connected with me.

(e) The amount of my aggregate annual donations to an approved body (or bodies) with which I am associated (see Notes) will be restricted to an amount equal to 10% of my total income for the tax year in question and tax relief will not apply to any donations in excess of that amount.

(f) I must pay income tax and/or capital gains tax for any tax year in which I make donations of an amount equal to the income tax on the grossed up amount of the donations in order for the approved body to receive a refund of tax (see Notes).

If you have any other questions please email office@stmarks.ie