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Social Action

Social Action seeks to effect and facilitate change in the lives of individuals, in families and in communities. Social Action recognises that the greatest need of mankind is to be reconciled with God. It also recognises that this need cannot be met in isolation. Social Action, therefore, adopts an integral approach and seeks to minister to the whole person i.e. physically, socially as well as theologically.

How do you do it?

Presently, Social Action operate a Food Bank. This Food Bank is accessed by Ministry Leaders and Home Group Group Leaders. In this way, we ensure that individuals and families are reached by a person with an authentic relationship to those in need. This ensures that all needs – not just physical needs – are met. Social Action also supply food to missionaries working at the coalface of Christian mission in Dublin city.

How can I become involved in this ministry?

There a a number of different ways to become involved.

  1. Pray for this ministry.
  2. Be aware of people known to you that are in need and consider assisting them with food hampers that we provide.
  3. Make food hamper/s of non perishable food items to either distribute locally or donate to the Food Bank.
  4. Contribute to the Share Fund. This is separate to the tithes and offering collection. The Share Fund collection box is on the wall inside the auditorium doors.